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papalook SE Camera: APP Connect Guide

How to Manage Settings and Functions of your papalook SE Camera via papalook APP

Questions You May Want to Know about papalook Series


Does the lens zoom?
Answer: For all papalook webcams, only PA920 is equipped with 4x zomm in and zoom out function. And you can get a little change of viewing angle by turn on/off the HDR function. Other papalook webcam do not support zoom function by now.


Question: How far away will the mic pick up audio and can that distance be extended with an additional mic?

Answer: On Windows 10 you can use a different Mic if you want (assuming your app allows you to). Sound is clear enough to be understood from at least a few feet away.



Question: Is the supplied cable a micro usb to a usb type 2?

Answer: Yes, it's micro usb cable and required usb 2.0



Question: Is the supplied cable a micro usb to a usb type 2?

Answer: Yes, it's micro usb cable and required usb 2.0



Question: Do this work with google meet?

Answer: Yes, papalook webcams support streaming video on OBS, Facebook, Youtube, XSplit, Mixer, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo and other media platforms (Google Hangouts, Amazon Chime, Face Time etc)



Question: Is this compatible with xbox?

Answer: Yes, it's compatible with xbox one and above.


Question: How's the range?
Answer: The range of the BM1 depends on distance and wireless interference. The latter is more of a factor in my case. For example, if I have the monitor in my office (18-25 feet away from the nursery) which has my wireless internet router in it (the latest Airport Extreme), I will constantly get "Out of Signal Coverage" warnings and beeps (obnoxious). If I place the monitor in the doorway the office, it works fine.
Question: What is the camera resolution? Does the monitor have a split screen mode, or do you just cycle through each camera?
Answer: The resolution is 1920*1080, the monitor supports split screen, and can watch at most 4 cameras at the same time.
Question: It comes with tf card?
Answer: If you mean like the SIM card this no it doesn’t. But it only needs it if you plan to record.
Question: Will it work if we take it somewhere where there is no internet?
Answer: Yes. It does not require an Internet connection.
Question: Does the camera only have a battery, or is it able to be plugged into wall for power?
Answer: Both monitor and camera come with plug ins, they aren’t battery operated in a sense. The parent unit recharges when plugged in so it will die if it’s not plugged in for a long period of time.

Question:The Homebase can not power on?
1)Please make sure the power adapter is connected to the power supply.
2)When the Homebase indicator LED up which means the Homebase power on.
Question: The Homebase can not be searched?
1) Make sure the Homebase is power on.
2) Press the Sync/Reset for 5 seconds and waiting for the indicator light flashes, then the Homebase enter to matching model.
Question: The SE camera can not power on?
1) Make sure the camera is power on.
2) Maybe the camera battery is dead , you can charge it by a smartphone adapter with micro USB cable」then power on the camera.
Question: The Homebase can not connect to the wifi?
1) Please check your WIFI is 2.4G, the camera does not support 5G WIFI.
2)Please make sure the smartphone and the Homebase connected with same Wi-Fi.
3)Please make sure do not have wireless interference when the Homebase during connecting.
Question: The micro SD card cannot be recognized?
1) Please make sure the Homebase online and the micro SD card installed in the Homebase micro SD card slot.
2)The micro SD card must be Class 10 or higher.
3)The only way to watch the contents of the micro SD card is by using the mobile phone which is already connected to Papalook Homebase.